In an affiliate program, the advertiser is the website owner or the merchant who pays the affiliate for sending traffic to their site. Advertisers support affiliate marketing programs. The user visits can be high, and the outlays are relatively inexpensive. For example, in many cases an advertiser uses a “pay for performance” model which means that the advertiser does not experience marketing expenses unless there are favorable results.
Knowing the difference between advertisers vs. publishers is an important distinction that all affiliates should learn early on, because this is one of the key foundations of effective advertisement marketing and selling online.

When it comes to online marketing advertisements are vital. Advertisers provide the content and publishers provide the traffic. For an advertiser, the main challenge is to set an attractive payout offer that combines both being attractive to a publisher to get traffic to their ads but also for them so that they make the profit from the campaign.

As an affiliate advertiser, the end goal is increasing sales. The following strategies can help you boost your revenue:

Use multiple networks- By putting all of your eggs in one basket, you’re limiting yourself. Utilizing several affiliate networks is an excellent strategy for increasing demographic reach for your offers.
Test and refresh your offers- A/B testing allows you to analyze the offers that you put out to optimize for offer conversion. By continuing to make adjustments according to your tests results, you can cater offers to your targeted audiences.
Determine the best traffic sources- Choosing the right traffic sources for your offer and audience can increase your sales and profitability. Take the time to test different sources and see what works best.

While affiliate marketers are crucial to advertisers’ success, many advertisers choose to drive traffic to their products and services in another way. Affiliate advertisers can bypass the affiliate network and work directly with a pay-per-click (PPC) ad network. A PPC network is a network that disperses product offers throughout their ad network. Both affiliate marketers and affiliate advertisers bring offers to PPC networks. Regardless of the use of an affiliate network or not, affiliate advertisers will only generate profit through offer conversion.